Square - Tim Adam

Tim’s Story
“I grew up in a very religious family and I always knew that God loved me. Growing up I always had a belief in the Lord, that is how I was raised. As a child I moved from Wyoming to England, Germany, back to England, and Sacramento. When I was about 10, my mom got cancer in her kidney, it was removed, and she seemed ok. After a while the doctor realized it had spread to her lung and liver. My mom decided she would rather die in peace than go through chemo again. At that age, I didn’t know what to do other than try to comfort my mom. I was with my mom every day, reading to her. While at a celebration for my 6th grade graduation, I got a call about my mom. By the time I showed up she was being taken out on a gurney and on her way to the morgue, and that was the last time I saw my mom. That is when I started going downhill.

At the age of 22, my best friend Daniel killed himself. I felt it was my fault. I am the one who told him I was moving, and he was on his own. When I got the call that he had killed himself, it was too much for me. I kept doing my own thing, living how I thought I should live. I was lost and did not think God cared about me at all. I moved back to my hometown and my gradual drinking turned into having seizures. I drank so much that if I didn’t drink in the morning I would go into shock. I ended up homeless for two years until, luckily, I got arrested. My brother knew the court and I was ordered to the Merced County Rescue Mission. At first, I was just happy to be out of jail, after a while I understood God put me there for a reason. I came to understand that God had a purpose for me, and that I had to turn my life over to him. I learned to look for the doors he opened for me, that led me to my beautiful wife, Jennifer, and daughter, Genevieve. I worked my way up to Director of Program and Operations and I feel blessed to have helped so many others going through the programs at the Mission. I know I am not perfect, but the Mission helped me realize that there is nothing I can do without God. God is the one who opened the doors to where I am in life. God will lead you to where you need to be, you just must be willing to walk through the door.”

– Tim Adam, Director of Program & Operations, Merced County Rescue Mission


Jess Lopez - Testimony Nov 2017 Newsletter

Jess’ Story
“My name is Jess, I’m 57 years old and was born in San Jose, CA where I grew up. My parents were hard working and made sure we had food and clothes. They were strict because they loved us and wanted the best for us. As I was growing up, I always felt lonely, as though something was missing in my life. We went to church every Sunday and I knew there was a God but didn’t pay much attention to him. At 12 years old I started to drink and cut class – I was doing what I wanted to do. As the years went on, I also began doing drugs. I started feeling more alone. At 16 years old, I had a son. I dropped out of high school to get a job. All together I had four kids, and the more money I made, the more drugs I bought. I didn’t care about anyone or who I was hurting. I only cared about drugs and alcohol. My family didn’t want me around because I was always high. I had been in a Christian recovery home before in San Jose, but I still felt that loneliness and emptiness deep down – so I ran from God and was obedient to the devil again.

As years went on, my drug habit got worse, my health too. In 2016 I lost both my parents to cancer and my youngest daughter. I felt more alone and I didn’t want to be in this world anymore. I tried to kill myself by swallowing meth and nitroglycerin pills.

After 40 years of doing drugs and being obedient to the devil, I had had enough! My niece contacted the Merced County Rescue Mission, they interviewed me and I was accepted. I am now four months clean, no longer depressed, no longer lonely, and my health has improved. By the grace of God I’m still alive and happier than ever. No more suicidal thoughts. I’m not only learning the Bible, but I’m getting to know God and loving my God, my Savior, all thanks to the Merced County Rescue Mission’s New Life Transformation Program. My life has just begun!”


October Testimony-Story with border

Scott’s Story
“I was lost and stuck in the lowest point of my life. Whether I was drinking or not, my alcoholism was out of control, and in that dark place I had attempted to commit suicide. Fortunately, I was rescued and taken to a place where I received help. My social worker talked to me about Hope Medical Respite Care, which was part of the Merced County Rescue Mission, and said this would be a great place for me to go, especially since I was still recovering from a total knee replacement a month prior.

I became a participant at the Hope Medical Respite Care and immediately felt welcome and safe. I was treated with respect and compassion through the duration of my stay. While there, I learned about the Hope for Men, New Life Transformation Program, and I knew immediately that Jesus was calling me to continue my walk and recovery with the Merced County Rescue Mission.

Today I’m a disciple and peer navigator for the Merced County Rescue Mission in the Hope for Men Program. I once again have joy in my life and have the opportunity to reach out, serve and love those in need in the name of Christ.

God Bless You, Scott”